Made in the Metaverse 1

Made in the Metaverse 1

I'm starting a new weekly series where I curate the best content for the following topics:

  • The Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • Marketing
  • Good Read: Something really interesting that I've read.  

Here are the articles for this week:

The Metaverse


This was written by the legendary Trip Hawkins, the guy who founded Electronic Arts. I was surprised to just have discovered his Medium page. It's interesting to see his perspective as he's been in the gaming industry for at least the last 30 years, if not longer. The thing that stuck out to me was his prediction that annual metaverse revenue will top $100B in 7 years.


Defending NFTs with Gnosis Safe 🔩

This is a very timely topic. Storing NFTs on even hardware wallets is not safe anymore. I've seen countless stories on Twitter of how they had their NFTs drained from their hardware wallet because of one bad signed transaction. Storing them in a wallet that requires multiple signatures (known as multi-sig) is a much safer option.    


How Airtable Runs Our Content Marketing Behind the Scenes

I love a good system as much as I love marketing. I had previously maintained a list of  blog content ideas on a spreadsheet, but it was messy. I had never used Airtable before so when I found this, I decided to implement the system. Wow, it is so good. I'll be switching a lot of my spreadsheet tracking over to Airtable.

Good Read

Creating a billion dollar business from an audience

I originally found this from his Twitter thread. The main takeaway here is by cultivating an audience, you can create an amazing product later. This is the same thing preached by Gary Vee. I love the examples he uses here. One of them is Primal Kitchen. I have their mayo in my fridge so it's really great to see how the brand started.